Brevets US provenant du Québec, Oct. 2010

1 7,822,687 Full-Text Jukebox with customizable avatar
2 7,821,949 Full-Text Forwarding plane data communications channel for ethernet transport networks
3 7,820,462 Full-Text Encapsulated optical package
4 7,820,432 Full-Text Triphasic bioreactor and process for gas effluent treatment
5 7,820,047 Full-Text Integrated multi-zone wastewater treatment system and method
6 7,819,930 Full-Text Miscible, multi-component, diesel fuels and methods of bio-oil transformation
7 7,819,167 Full-Text Window assembly with integrated pleated screen
8 7,819,148 Full-Text System and method of monitoring the quality of cutting
9 7,818,949 Full-Text Apparatus for bagging material
10 7,818,924 Full-Text Foam insulation/shading system for transparent structures
11 7,818,101 Full-Text System and method for computing rail car switching solutions in a switchyard using an iterative method
12 7,818,096 Full-Text Airborne electronics housing assembly
13 7,817,682 Full-Text Method and system for tunable pulsed laser source
14 7,817,635 Full-Text SIP header reduction
15 7,817,543 Full-Text Regulating data-burst transfer
16 7,817,076 Full-Text Multiple mode digitization system for a non-destructive inspection instrument
17 7,816,933 Full-Text Semi-generic in-circuit test fixture
18 7,816,627 Full-Text Attachment system for attaching an electric cable to a glass pane to provide electricity thereto
19 7,816,382 Full-Text Linear urea mimics antagonists of P2Y.sub.1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic condition
20 7,815,689 Full-Text Instrumented prosthetic foot
21 7,815,066 Full-Text Cabinet for gas utility meter
22 7,814,894 Full-Text Anti dry-fire device for crossbows
23 7,814,367 Full-Text Method and system for time addressable storage
24 7,814,222 Full-Text Queue state mirroring
25 7,814,028 Full-Text System and method for providing a price quotation for a transportation service based on equipment ownership
26 7,813,409 Full-Text Secure network using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing spread spectrum communications
27 7,813,261 Full-Text Methods and systems for transmission of orthogonal frequency division multiplexed symbols
28 7,811,957 Full-Text Type of catalytic materials based on active metal-hydrogen-electronegative element complexes involving hydrogen transfer
29 7,811,353 Full-Text Enhanced fertilizer and method for producing same
30 7,810,531 Full-Text Brush cutting head
31 7,810,288 Full-Text Cladding method and system for buildings
32 7,810,207 Full-Text Cleaning assembly for a shaft
33 7,809,422 Full-Text Method and apparatus for optical imaging
34 7,809,389 Full-Text Controlling a press-to-talk session using wireless signaling
35 7,809,017 Full-Text Multi-rate transparent MUX for optical communications networks
36 7,808,371 Full-Text Vehicle fleet security system
37 7,807,716 Full-Text Nitric oxide amino acid ester compound, compositions for increasing nitric oxide levels and method of use
38 7,807,670 Full-Text Inhibitors of papilloma virus
39 7,807,588 Full-Text Composition and method for enhancing stain resistance and product of enhanced stain resistance therefrom
40 7,807,173 Full-Text Influenza vaccine formulation
41 7,806,939 Full-Text Method and kit for modifying the coloration of keratinous fibres
42 7,806,662 Full-Text Blade retention system for use in a gas turbine engine
43 7,806,464 Full-Text Fairing for a trailer
44 7,806,325 Full-Text Contact-less tag with signature, and applications thereof
45 7,806,125 Full-Text Inter dental tooth cleaner and delivery device

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